Classic GP Application

The Graal Police team is a vital part of GraalOnline Classic and we are currently looking for some new members to join the team. What we are need are players that are reliable, personable, and would be enthusiastic about their role. You will be expected to put in a minimum of 10 hours per week, so if you have a life, this job may not be for you. And don't worry if you've never been a staff member before--you can answer these questions by drawing from both online and offline experiences. Full training will be provided, so you don't have to know specifics to apply.

Nick Name:
E-Mail Address:
Date of Birth:
Discord ID:

1. Why do you want this job and what aspects of it attract you the most? Explain why you would be a good addition to the team.

2. How do you respond when you receive negative feedback about yourself? What approach do you take to deal with the person who has given this feedback?

3. Describe a time that you handled a situation the wrong way. Did you admit your mistake and if so, to whom? What did you learn from it, and how do you think you can use that knowledge in the future?

4. Do you make decisions on your own without the help of others? In which situations do you seek someone else's help for decision-making?

5. When you feel that a team is working efficiently with the exception of one member who is clearly not 'pulling their weight,' what steps will you take?

6. Prove you're not a robot.